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  • Friday ,06 December 2019

International Tension

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,08 December 2019

International Tension

In the last NATO summit held in the UK it was very clear that there is big tension between US from one side and the whole other NATO member form the other side.

Tension showed not just in the language and gestures during the meeting but also after the meeting. This situation reminds me of the Arab summit where the Arab leaders most of the time fight instead of looking for a solution for their people.

This tension in the international relations between the US and the whole world gives the impression of instability in the international relationship and that might lead not just to economic problems but also might lead to unintentional war. The wart here not necessary to be a military war but could be political and economic wars.

I believe we pass by a difficult time in the international relationship and without easing such tension , the world might face many difficulties in the next coming years especially with Trump impeachment issue and the coming US election .