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  • Thursday ,12 December 2019

An experience

By-Magdy Youssef

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Thursday ,12 December 2019

An experience

Recently, I took a taxi in Germany with my daughter. As I spoke few Arabic words, the taxi driver asked about our origins. I told him I am from Egypt and I knew that he is from Afghanistan. Suddenly, he asked me a strange question: Do you support al-Sisi or the Muslim Brotherhood? I asked him: what do you think of the Brotherhood? He told me that they are believers, and they are the best Muslims on the face of the earth. I told him: The, who spreads terrorism in  the world, and who made September 11 attacks? The Americans and Israel, he answered me. They did this to accuse the Arabs and the Muslims. 

Do you know how many crimes the Brotherhoood committed in Egypt throughout their bloody history? He replied: This is a lie! The Brotherhood did not commit a single crime except killing the infidels, Jews and Christians! I said to him: I am an Egyptian and I know what they did. He told me: you know nothing about them. I said: they are traitors and president al-Sisi saved Egypt from their terrorism. He didn t like the fact that I support al-Sisi and said he supports them by heart.
I asked him what do you do here in Germany? Why don t you just stay home with the other believers? He said: I came because God commanded me not to let the infidels and the Jews and Christians enjoy the good of the world alone.
I arrived at that moment at my destination and realized how ignorant the West is by supporting such terrorists and doing good to them. Egypt is fighting against terrorism and hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters all over the world. The Egyptian army saved Egypt and its people from the fate of Afghanistan and I pray to God to protect Egypt, its people and leadership.