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  • Monday ,23 December 2019

Turkey & Egypt

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,22 December 2019

Turkey & Egypt

It s clear that Egypt and Turkey are going into clash verbally and might exceed that verbal in the future especially after Turkey announced the agreement with Libya to search for natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea. 

There is no doubt that Turkey has used all tools to hurt Egypt and tried to weaken its power, for example Erdogan did agreement with Libya and visited Tunisia lately, went to the Islamic summit although the absence of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Turkey is trying to play a dirt rule now a days by killing Kurdish in Syria, invading Syria, buying the S400 from Russia which threatens its European neighbors and also thinking to send troops to Libya. 
 Its very clear that Turkey tries to impose its power on other countries and not only that but also want to convince other Muslim country that they should take Turkey as an example to follow. 
Turkey is so far away from being an example to follow, Turkey killed the Armenian, Kurdish , used Egyptian as slaves when they occupied Egypt.