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  • Tuesday ,24 December 2019

In search for dignity

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Tuesday ,24 December 2019

In search for dignity

 As I was listening to President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s speech in the youth forum, he greeted women appreciating their great national and social role. I remembered what the newspapers published in early November 2010 about the crime of a livestock trader in Fayoum who killed his three-year-old daughter, fearing she will have to face the shame caused by a relative who was known as prostitute! He said in the investigations that he killed her to get her rid of shame!

The wonderful writer Dr. Ahmad Khamisi wrote commenting on the incident that he decided to save his own dignity by killing his own daughter! Such men think their dignity is stored in a piece of meat that be excluded at any time by some kind of weapon! Women realize that some men may kill them to save their dignity that a girl killed her sister to prevent her from telling their father that she has a  boyfriend! 
Dr. Ahmad Khamisi said that women are not a box to store men’s dignity. In fact, man’s honor lies within his soul, mind and body. It is in one’s  positions, relations, achievements, seeking justice and freedom. He should blame and fix himself instead of blaming, abusing and humiliating women and even killing them! 
The aim has been lost and values have been mixed up. Thus, the writer calls men to leave women alone since they are not property. She is an independent being who doesn’t enjoy torturing others like some men do.
Then, it is a matter of honor and dignity. This is how the community develops using ideas of pioneers and people of reform and enlightenment and abandon ideas of retardation and ignorance.