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  • Wednesday ,01 January 2020

A new year of hope

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Wednesday ,01 January 2020

A new year of hope

 2020 is a new year coming with new hope. At the beginning of the year, a person must set himself clear goals like to smoking and start exercising daily! We may have weak will, but we still have to have hope, which is once source of renewable energy. We may not have a plan to implement such goals, but our hope will find a way to carry them out.

I think hope is somehow linked to love, and those who have hope must enjoy love in their hearts as well.
When I was young, I fall in love with the daughter of the neighbors, who lived with her family on the first floor of the building. She was incredibly beautiful, or so I saw her. I didn’t see her much except through coincidence meetings at the entrance to the building, or when she paid my sisters a short visit.
One day, I played a small role in a TV series, and she met me and was very proud of me. my heart couldn’t stop beating and I realized ever since that love is a story that can’t be explained, but it is strongly related to hope. 
In the new year, let us look forward to love, and to the hope that our world will concentrate on science, arts, and love. This is how life protect itself. I wish you a happy new year full of accomplishments, creativity and determination.