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  • Thursday ,02 January 2020

The departure of Adly Abadir

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Thursday ,02 January 2020

The departure of Adly Abadir
By the departure of Eng. Adly Abadir, we have lost a strong knight who was a symbol of courage and steadfastness, but was one of the bravest and purest men I have ever known.
The Copts lost a free, bold, and generous voice serving the Lord. He was eager to serve his church and country and could throw stones into still waters of the Coptic cause. Thus, his loss was a great Calamity for the Copts. 
He was such a great struggler for the Coptic cause, but he earned the new life in heaven with the saints.  So, we remember his work at the 10 anniversary for his departure and we praise his struggle and love.
May God repose his soul in the paradise of Joy and may his great example is followed by the faithful workers in the Copts United Website. I also pray to God to give his family the heavenly peace and condolences.