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  • Monday ,06 January 2020

International Law

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,05 January 2020

International Law

We studied in the university that countries have to follow international law when it comes to declaring wars or any act of the war, however, we see recently that a lot of countries don t follow the international law but it follows and uses the rule of power.

For example, Russia invaded Ukraine and that was against the international law, US invaded Iraq and that was against the international law, Iran seizes British tanker in Strait of Hormuz and that was against international law. 
Lately, also US assassinated the iranian leader “ Qassem Soliman” which is considered against international law as well because the US and Iran not in the state of the war before this assassination, therefore, it can t considered as british minister said it was a case of defending themselves against Iran. 
Unfortunately, this assassinatin might lead to long run tension in the middle east region and that will hurt the most all countries around this area and in case this conflict extended further, it might reach big countries and became a big war. 
US and Iran have to seek peace because any war will lead to a disaster for both countries and the whole world and the best solution is to start negotiations immediately.