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  • Monday ,13 January 2020

Incarnated without a human father

by Samia Ayad

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Friday ,10 January 2020

Incarnated without a human father
The Holy bible says:  Who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.  Jesus Christ took flesh from the Virgin Mary without a human father. It is a miracle of the Holy Spirit.
Father Benjamin Al-Muharraqi in his article  We glorify your unaware birth  explained that the divine incarnation without human father is not impossible, since Adam was created from dust and then God created Eve from Adam s rib. Both of them were created without sexual reproduction. 
The divine incarnation was also without sexual reproduction as St. Cyril of Jerusalem said that Eve was born from the side of Adam without sexual reproduction and so did the Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ and this is how we understand the Immaculate Conception.
On the other hand, we find Saint Cyril the great explaining to us the goal of the Incarnation saying that the Lord Jesus became a human being like us in order to transform our nature and give us a new spiritual birth by the Holy Spirit. Thus, we call God as Father, and we are called sons of God after taking a new nature emanating from the nature of the Lord Jesus. We pray to God to grant us blessings of His incarnation and to preserve our new nature in Jesus Christ.