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  • Tuesday ,14 January 2020

A criminal or a psychopath?

by Hani Sabri Labib

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Tuesday ,14 January 2020

 A criminal or a psychopath?

 A Coptic woman called Catharine Ramzy survived slay attempt in Warraq, Cairo, after a fanatic called Mamdouh Ramadan has dragged her in the street and attacked her with white weapon saying this is what she get for walking without wearing a hijab. She has hardly survived the attack by a man who don’t even know her!

The  man was arrested by police and the matter is currently under investigation that revealed he suffers from mental illness and he had attacked another woman in 2017. However, such statement came without even getting him inspected by doctors! Moreover, if he do suffer from such illness, why wasn’t he locked in proper hospital instead of leaving him kill in peace!
There is a big difference between being a murderer and being a psychopaths. Yet, this man has prepared a white weapon and attacked more than once, and needs a real investigation to protect the community and achieve general deterrence.