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  • Thursday ,16 January 2020

They are before My face.

by Samia Ayyad

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Thursday ,16 January 2020

They are before My face.

 Our deeds and sins are exposed and revealed before the eyes of the Lord as He says in the Book of Hosea Now their own deeds have surrounded them; They are before My face. (Hosea 7:2) This should be a good reason for man not to sin.

This was explained by Archbishop Bachomious of Behira, Matrouh and Northern Africa. He said in his aricle ’Spiritual Lessons in the Book of Hosea’ that the Lord revealed the sins of his people in the book of Hosea including the sins of their superiors. God also revealed the penalty for trespassing on the will, which represents a personal message for each of us to pay attention to our sins before they destroy our lives. 
One of the sins that God warned against the bad company with the people of the world and imitating them. God has also warned against being lazy in worshipping and serving the brothers, seeking excuses for the soul that hurts God’s heart, and the sin of pride that comes when a person feels that he no longer needs the Lord. Such sins lead man to lose wisdom and purity and being void of spiritual fruits.
Another sin of the chiefs that the Lord announced in the Book of Hosea is the failure of kings to provide service and care to their people and when the head is sick the whole body becomes ill. Thus, the sins of the chiefs are great, for this the church prays special ritual prayers for the kings and the presidents and we must always pray for for God to give all leaders wisdom and understanding.