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  • Friday ,17 January 2020

The trade deal

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,18 January 2020

The trade deal

Recently, the US and China signed trade agreement known as “Phase one deal”after almost 18 months of tariffs and retaliation between two parts. 

The trade deal has a lot of pros and cons for both sides but what is the most important that both could reach this agreement which hurt the market and the global economy so much. 
The question everyone is asking now is; will this agreement lead to temporary truce between the two biggest economies in the world? or will that be a good start for the next phase which is supposed to start next week?
At any rate, The current truce is very important for the economy especially everyone was expecting big disaster between both countries especially that China is a strong and big country not easy to beat. 
In conclusion, The agreement is going to calm the market at least for the short run until we see what is going to happen next.