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  • Wednesday ,22 January 2020

The good doctor

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Wednesday ,22 January 2020

The good doctor

 Dr. Mina Wagdy Ibrahim is a doctor who works at the Mercy Mosque Clinic in Safat al-Laban, Cairo. However it is a little bit strange to find a Christian doctor in an Islamic clinic, Dr. Mina decided to donate his time and work for free in service of the Muslims in the neighborhood. 

Head of the Islamic Sharia Association said that Dr. Mina made a good reputation by serving the people. Furthermore, one of the patients said that he found it strange in the beginning to deal with a Coptic Christian doctor, whose name is revealing his identity. Yet, the patient said he realized that Dr. Mina doesn’t differentiate between his patients based on their religion.
Yes, there is no difference between people when it comes to illness. It is either you are human or not. I salute Dr. Mina and those who deal with him who realized there is no difference between people.