• 08:01
  • Thursday ,20 February 2020


by Bishoy Awad

Article Of The Day


Thursday ,20 February 2020


 It is scary to imagine myself inside a plane, and I see some passenger entering the cockpit and take the place of the pilot or his assistant to drive the plane even for one moment. It is scary because we know that this means of transportation is very sensitive and complicated. Any error may end with massive disaster that takes no more than several seconds. 

It is scary to see a pilot like Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr turning a blind eye to what he learned about flying and the sensitivity of the plane and its software, leaving one of the public to take the place of his assistant in the plane s cabin at the time of its flight to put his hands on the control of the plane. He even gave excuse that he turned on the autopilot, but it is also known that manipulating the controls may turn the autopilot off and cause a real disaster.
Both the pilot and the celebrity are rich, but have no responsibility and both of them should be held accountable for such big mistake. We should show them no mercy since they could lead to disaster just to have fun and take a photo!