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  • Friday ,21 February 2020

Coronovirus and the economy

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,22 February 2020

Coronovirus and the economy

Coronovirus not just spreading fears about health issues and possibilities for death but also spreading fears and worries about the impact of this virus on the global economy especially that this virus mainly appeared in one of the biggest economies in the world which is China.

Coronovirus already started to have a big impact on the market not just in Egypt and the middle east but the whole world including the American market.
The question that everyone is asking now is to what extent that coronavirus will affect the economy. Many economists are more pessimistic, and they believe that cornovirus might lead to a recession while some other economists believe that coronavirus will have an impact but not a big impact on the whole economy.
Many people who are left behind don t know who to believe and follow, especially those who are involved in investing their money in the chinese securities and can t find an answer to their question which is when this will end.?
With a lot of chaos going on everywhere and with American elections coming very soon, there is no doubt that the market will face a lot of volatility and all people need to be ready for all possibilities.