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  • Wednesday ,26 February 2020

Keys of kingdom of heaven

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Wednesday ,26 February 2020

Keys of kingdom of heaven

 Every now and then, we hear Muslims sheikhs discussing if it is permissible to congratulate Christians on their feasts. The answer varies between acceptance as co-citizens and rejection as infidels. The latest version of this shameful discussion came about Dr. Magdy Yacoub, and if his many charitable works may lead him to enter the paradise.

I wonder if the clergy in our country have found the sole keys for the kingdom of heaven and, thus, became its guardians. How do they know things that are exclusive to God! They decided that God will allow billions of people to perish since they followed different religion to know Him!
The surgeon who treats everyone without questioning their religion, race, sex, social or economical level, and transfers his knowledge to other doctors in order to allow more and more people to be treated, they decided that he has to perish since he is not good enough to join the paradise of the terrorists of ISIS!
I call those sheikhs to stop insulting God and trade on religion. Let the people worship God the way they like till they meet with God in the other life.