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  • Friday ,28 February 2020

Prosthetics for the poor

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Friday ,28 February 2020

Prosthetics for the poor

 Doctors and specialists in the manufacture of prosthetics recommended the necessity of establishing a specialized college equipped with the latest equipment and technical experts, and the abolition of taxes on these devices. One of the companies announced its agreement with the Ministry of Solidarity to support the installation of these parties for those who are not able as a kind of social responsibility. 

The experts called, during a press conference to strengthen the national industry, and to turn Egypt into an export center for the prosthetics in the Arab and African countries. They demanded to form a high committee of ministries of solidarity, health, financial and private sector experts, to develop a plan to improve the educational and industrial field for prosthetics.
Dr. Khaled El-Deeb, Chairman of the Board of Directors Orthomedics for prosthetics announced cooperating with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to provide prosthetics for the poor who need them, as well as donating its products to the concerned authorities.
I hope this great idea will be completed to literally change the lives of many people, along with to rehabilitate society, cities and streets to receive people with disability. This needs strong will and understanding rather than a college.