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  • Wednesday ,04 March 2020

President Mubarak

by Ayman Mounir

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Wednesday ,04 March 2020

President Mubarak

 President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is one of the most prominent presidents of Egypt and for me he comes second after Nasser. His achievement can’t be ignored by history or the Egyptians. He is the leader  of the air strike in the October war and worked hard to restore the Egyptian land till Taba in Sinai.

On the side of the infrastructure, Mubarak has established more than 200 bridges that helped solving traffic problems in Egypt including the October bridge. He is the ones who constructed the metro lines and several mega projects in Egypt.
The Muslim Brotherhood tried to assassinate Hosni Mubarak more than three times because he did not allow terrorism and extremism. He was greatly concerned by security and safety of the citizen. 
Mubarak era was described as years of illiteracy was the season of private universities that provided quality education even for the rich people, but it cleared the way for the outstanding student in governmental universities.
The US dollar under Mubarak era was equal only to 5.5 LE and the Egyptian Stock Exchange was in great position. He was accused of corruption, but several businessmen used his regime. He said that chaos will replace his regime and it was very true. I believe he should be honored and his name should be called on a Metro station to honor his memory among the Egyptians.