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  • Tuesday ,10 March 2020

Corona chooses its victims

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Tuesday ,10 March 2020

Corona chooses its victims

 Far from this ongoing conflict in Syria between the forces of the Syrian regime on one side and the terrorist militias and their successor Erdogan on the other, It is clear that the new Corona virus has decided to spread in some countries like China, Iran, South Korea, Italy and North Korea. They are clearly agree to disagree with the United States of America.

There is a clear hostility between these countries and the American regime. Trump could not accept that the South Korean film to win the Oskar, even though everyone praised the movie and its makers and its idea. There is clear clashes between the USA and many countries of Europe, especially Italy.
I know that the virus is spreading in many countries in the Gulf area and it America itself, but using a weapon may kill some of my soldiers, but it will kill much more on the other side. The point is that America may have invented and used this biological weapon against its enemies.
The retarded regimes in such fascist countries provided a perfect space for the spread of the virus while its people are accepting death from the hand of God claiming having a great deal of faith.