• 19:45
  • Wednesday ,18 March 2020

Standing before God

by Samia Ayad

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Wednesday ,18 March 2020

Standing before God

 The life will inevitably come to an end and everyone will stand before God the just Judge on the last day. The Church reminds us of this throughout the year in the daily prayers to make us ready to meet the Lord.

His Eminence Bishop Bakhoumius of Beheira, Matrouh and North Africa said in his article Fasting and Preparing for Heaven talked about how to prepare to meet God on the last day, explaining that repentance is the only way to get prepared for that day. Such repentance can be achieved by fasting and praying.
The Great Lent is a season for repentance and worship asking for mercy. The Agbeya is another set of messages to repent each day showing us that we are weak and to remind us that life will eventually come to an end. 
Therefore, fasting supports our spiritual struggle in life and spiritual readings lead us in the way. We should have hope in God’s mercy and ask for saint’s intercessions to support us in life. It is time to seek repentance in order to have a joyful meeting with God.