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  • Thursday ,19 March 2020

Faith knowledge and conscience

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Thursday ,19 March 2020

Faith knowledge and conscience

 I lived my life without fearing death. However, I had to face it several times in war and in surgeries. Yet, I suffer these days when I see the poor dying because of the floods. They had to live in very bad conditions and nobody cared for them till they died.

Hearing discussions of people thinking that religion is against science make me feel sick. They think that Niqab provides protection against Coronavirus and some of them see taking communion as a matter of faith. I pray that minds don’t get lost in that account.
Being positive and help other people is crucial, especially in hard circumstances, but people criticized Bishop Makarious of Minya for getting on the streets and help the poor after the floods. They said he shouldn’t appear helping others and accused him of making a show. Yet, he was not the one who took the photos for social media. Their hatred for the man made him attack even the good things that he does! I see this as death of their conscience. 
Such death appeared clearly with the pharmacists who raised the price of sanitizers and masks without realizing that the epidemic will affect them and death will prolong them and their money as well. Welcome death that will take me away from the so called living, but dead by reason and conscience.