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  • Friday ,20 March 2020

On the rooftops

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Friday ,20 March 2020

On the rooftops

 An initiative to empower women was launched by the Ministry of Environment to clean and plant rooftop within the framework of the governorate s sustainable development plan. 400 job opportunities were enabled as women were trained to recycle and plant rooftops in cooperation with “Plant a tree organization along with the celebration of International Women s Day. 

One of the participants described the initiative as a source of hope for single mothers who represent 30% of Egyptian families. The initiative came to empower women and save the environment.
The project aims to achieve the sustainable development goals of Egypt 2030, as it achieves the economic, social and environmental dimensions. The participants receive also free support, seeds and training. Greetings to Dr. Yasmine Fouad and all those working with her, with my best wishes.