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  • Tuesday ,07 April 2020

Disasters of Corona and Titanic

by Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Tuesday ,07 April 2020

Disasters of Corona and Titanic

 I wonder how could a group of businessmen demand the sacrifice of thousands of individuals in order to save the country from bankruptcy? The Corona catastrophe came to reveal the reality of human selfishness, and the survival instinct that don’t mind sacrificing others in order to save oneself.

Our planet is full of hopes, aspirations, contradictions, tragedies, love and hatred, or simply good and bad. It has so many social classes, the rich, the average, and the poor. All of them are struggling to survive the pandemic, but how can they do this away from hateful selfishness.
The Titanic ship gives us a lesson through the love between the poor man Jack and the Aristocratic girl Rose showed us that human beings are able to love and care for one another as people. Jack sacrificed his life for to save Rose and caring for one another is the key to success and overcoming the crisis of corona, and preventing the country from bankruptcy.