• 14:54
  • Wednesday ,15 April 2020

Supporting the white army

by Dr. Magdy Shehata

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Wednesday ,15 April 2020

Supporting the white army

 All human beings are honoring the praising the sacred role of doctors, nurses and pharmacists during the crisis of Corona virus. They have become the first line of defense in the battle. The White Army soldiers who are exposed to direct danger while facing the pandemic that plagued humanity in all parts of the world. 

We have to offer them the due appreciation and reverence for their great sacrifice, and they are indeed in dire need for our support in such exceptional difficult and extremely dangerous conditions in the face of a pandemic.
On the other side there are inhumane, even immoral, and totally unjustified actions taken by some mobs who don’t appreciate such sacrifice. Those mobs who don’t represent the majority of the Egyptian people fear dealing with doctors and some of them refused to bury a doctor in the city’s cemetery thinking she could bring them infection. Such irresponsible acts can lead to the collapse of medical system.
In fact, the world will not defeat the Corona virus except by showing mercy, forgiveness, compassion and cooperation with one another and with the government. All humans should also show respect for science and doctors who work hard to save human beings.