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  • Friday ,15 May 2020

Bishop Rewis

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,16 May 2020

Bishop Rewis

Father and bishop Rewis died last week and I didn t know much about his history but I saw and listened to him many times. Bishop Rewis was general bishop not a bishop of a certain diocese and he always was refusing to be responsible for the diocese.

I don t want to talk too much about his history, but I want to mention what I have witnessed with my eyes and with my ears. Bishop Rewis was always in “Asrriat Al-Rehan” church and I get used to going there especially in St. Mary fast.
In St. Mary fast he always started with answering questions that people sent him before the sermon. And what paid my attention was his quietness and his humbleness while answering these questions.
Lately, I listened to an interview made with him a couple years ago. In this interview, he admitted that he likes to be an example not just by talking because what is the point of talking and not doing what you talk about.
His speech reminded me of how he was exactly an example of humility in his speech and in his action, he was living by doing not by talking.
We wish everyone can live by his deeds not by his words.