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  • Thursday ,28 May 2020

Tourists are back

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Thursday ,28 May 2020

Tourists are back

 After the German charter airline Condor announced the resumption of its flights to Hurghada and 7 other destinations, starting from next July, Egypt has to take the precautionary procedures to ensure safety of the tourists.

Bashar Abu Talib, captain of the tour guides in the Red Sea, said that the company announced the schedule of flights for the summer 2020 season, from July to October, that includes flights from 9 German airports to 8 countries outside Germany, are Egypt Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Morocco. 
The company announced several measures of protection during the flight including a mandatory condition of wearing a mask, in addition to extra measures according to each country.
Welcome to our guests from Germany and other countries, and I hope we will apply the maximum precautionary measures to protect our guests and our reputation among the people.