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  • Friday ,29 May 2020

A American spring

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,31 May 2020

A American spring

After the death of George Floyd in US the demonstration erupted everywhere in US asking for justice and in return the US started to threaten the people by saying that dogs are waiting demonstrator who will get in to the white house. 

This statement from president Trump reminded me of presidents in the middle east during the Arab spring when there were threatening their citizens if the approached their palace.
I see what is happening right now is a real test to the democracy and freedom in US, as I see Trump president like dictatorships behaviors.
US in a real test not just because of what happened to George Floyd but also because many things started to change since Trump became a president of US.
Some examples of these changes, confrontation with China, Iran, encoring dictatorships around the world, violation of human rights.
In conclusion, US in a real test to protect not just their style but to protect what is written in the constitution and the coming days will tell if US will pass this test.