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  • Monday ,01 June 2020

More dangerous than Coronavirus

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Friday ,29 May 2020

More dangerous than Coronavirus

 Last week, Egypt has received 30-ton shipment of medical supplies from China as a gift of support during the battle of Coronavirus. I was happy to read such news of friendship between Egypt and other countries around the world. 

Such cooperation is essential to face the pandemic, especially as no country could face the virus alone. Egypt in the beginning was keen to send gifts of medical supplies to several countries inlacing China and Italy. It was a matter of showing support and love, and expressing friendship. 
However, when I read the news, I found so many negative comments accusing China and denouncing such gifts of medical supplies. I saw many people spreading false accusations and disturbing public peace at such critical time of war against COVID-19.  I think such chaos of social media is more dangerous today than Coronavirus.