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  • Wednesday ,03 June 2020

Media and religious spaces

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Wednesday ,03 June 2020

Media and religious spaces

 The scientist Freud says in his theory of ‘the narcissism of difference’ that the differences between human beings are considered crucial and should be used for the benefit of humanity, but this is not accepted by those whom call themselves ‘owners of the absolute truth’. Here, the importance of media appears to teach people to accept such differences.

National unity can not be achieved without embracing such concept by media and religious institutions and politicians in one society. In that matter, there are three spaces that should accept these differences. The spaces are: religion and faith, religion and life, and religion and political regime and power. The three spaces should be realistic and make the best of life. Thus, we call for renewal of religious discourse to meet that goal.
The Arab director Mostafa al-Aqqad who directed Al-Resala (the message), one of the best movies that defend Islam, was killed in a terrorist attack in Amman in 2005 by a terrorist group that rejects cinema and art believing it defames Islam. In Egypt, a group of Christian clergy demonstrated against a movie called ‘I love Cinema’ declaring it defames Christianity without understanding its goal or discussing it with its makers. 
I believe media and religious institutions should cooperate to build good citizens and defend their rights, public peace and social solidarity.