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  • Friday ,05 June 2020

Army and politics

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,06 June 2020

Army and politics

The visit that President Trump made to the church beside the white house while the army beside him reminded us of what we see in the middle east. A president with the army means that the army is going into politics and that s very dangerous at least for the US.

It was a new scene for the US to resort to the army to show power beside the president although we know that the army in the US is not involved in Politics. I read a statement to general Milley who appeared with Trump admitting that appearing with Trump was a mistake which is a good gesture.
There is no doubt that we feel that the US with Trump is a different country and is not the one we get used to seeing in the previous. Trump s behavior reminds us of dictatorships and how they control and dominate the scene by using all power they have.
The principle in democratic countries that the Army is away from politics thus when we see the Army involved we feel something is going wrong.
In conclusion, we hope the democratic system has the ability to correct what happened and save the US from being another dictatorship where the army is involved and save his dictatorship.