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  • Tuesday ,09 June 2020

Corona and spiritual peace

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Tuesday ,09 June 2020

Corona and spiritual peace
We do appreciate heroism and sacrifice of police and army soldiers during war on terrorism to defend the homeland. On the other hand, we find the religious institutions offering full support to the doctors and nurses by donations and prayers during the current pandemic. Furthermore, the churches were closed and all church activities were suspended.   Yet, some people rejected such decision and maybe they didn t know that 3 priests tested positive for Corona virus according to Archbishop Markos of Shubra al-Khaimah.
In Germany, 112 people were infected by COVID-19 after attending the Holy Mass in a church in Frankfort. The church announced later that they didn t completely followed the preventive measures.
I believe the churches and mosques have to participate in facing the pandemic by raising awareness and supporting the health system. Moreover, I expected greater role to the Family House organization including Al-Azhar and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
There is no doubt that the role of the religious establishment is very important at this critical time, and it is better to use technology to pray and lead people spiritually instead of reopening churches and mosques and use them to spread the virus. I invite clergy to spread peace and awareness among people and invite them to donate for the needy and protect the homeland at such critical moment of the pandemic.