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  • Wednesday ,10 June 2020

Do not stand in the camp of murderers

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Wednesday ,10 June 2020

Do not stand in the camp of murderers

 Some people write on their Facebook pages that George Floyd was a criminal as if they want to silence millions of people who demonstrated in his name. The truth is that nobody said the man was an angel or saint. 

George Floyd is a victim of hideous racism and brutal killing by a police man representing law and justice who has been killing a man for more than 8 minutes in cold blood as he puts his hand in his pocket and knees on the neck of his victim. This police officer spend this night in his bed while the victim was in the dead refrigerator. 
Floyd became a symbol for oppressed humans, and this has nothing to do with his dark skin color. Yet, another African-America man was killed four years ago the same way and was crying: I can t breath. Thus, Floyd became an extension for the African-American case since they were brought to America 400 years ago.
Racism still exists in America, and only yesterday a number of statues were removed of a number of people who were fighting against Abraham Lincoln defending their right of buying salves!
Therefore, the name and pictures of George Floyd will remain a symbol of victims of racism and brutality everywhere. The people should reject injustice, and teach those who don t care about killing people for their race or faith.