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  • Friday ,12 June 2020

Ways to solve problems

by Samia Ayyad

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Friday ,12 June 2020

Ways to solve problems

 Each of us is vulnerable to getting into problems, but we need to learn how to solve them and avoid troubles through the support of our Lord.

The late Pope Shenouda III in his article  ways to solve problems  explained to us that there are many wrong ways that some people resort to in order to solve their problems, but they always lead to troubles. Violence and shouting may cause extra troubles, make people angry, and lose their friendship and love.
Using one s authority may force the people to follow your orders, but not to love you. Some people may prefer to escape from problems thinking that it is the best solution, but in this case the problems will grow and increase. 
The best way to solve problems is by thinking rationally and asking God for wisdom like Suleiman the Wise. We may also resort to fasting and prayers like the saints and never forget to have patience and long-suffering. 
When you face a problem, never resort to your own abilities and powers, but ask for God s support and wisdom since He is the best friend and consultant you can ever have.