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  • Tuesday ,14 July 2020

Rule of law

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Tuesday ,14 July 2020

Rule of law

 My first problem with the Muslim Brotherhood was the topic of the Shura (consulting) as I thought it means democracy. I didn t understand how they call day and night for democracy, but they don t accept or practice it inside their closed rooms.

Unfortunately, this dualism is a disease that strikes all of our political life. All parties and currents in Egypt that advocate democracy, freedoms, human rights and the rule of law. They don t really practice it within their organizations and homes first.
Although we reject the customary reconciliation sessions to solve sectarian problems and demand the implementation of the law equally on the people without discrimination, we find some defenders of freedoms rejecting law enforcement and calling for customary measures against the harassers, just because one of them has been accused in Harassment crime. 
It is the same arrogant mentality that sees submitting to the law as humiliating and insulting and that the elite should not submit to the law! Whoever wants a real change must defend the law and the rule of law regardless of whether the accused is a president or a large number of great thinkers or illiterate, rich or poor.