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  • Friday ,07 August 2020

Lebanon is a victim

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,08 August 2020

Lebanon is a victim

The explosion that destroyed a huge area from lebanon and resulted in a lot of victims and casualties in souls and buildings opened a lot of questions related to politicians and parties in Lebanon. 

Unfortunately, Lebanon is a victim of external parties that tries to impose certain doctrines on lebanees and that what divided them and might lead to a civil war like the one was in the 70th. 
Lebanon will always suffer from such problems as long as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Hezbollah want to dominate the decision in this small country.
Lebanon people need to see politicians care about their own country not caring to satisfy other external parties.  
In conclusion, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Hezbollah are the reason of what Lebanon suffer from right now and without they stop supporting their own group, Lebanon will still suffer for a long time.