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  • Wednesday ,19 August 2020

Peace and the war of fatwas

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Wednesday ,19 August 2020

Peace and the war of fatwas

 With the Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement, and because we are a religious military state, former President Sadat resorted to the sheikhs to issue fatwas authorizing peace with Israel raising the slogan of peace.

The opposition also used another fatwa prohibiting peace with Israel, including fatwas of Al-Azhar sheikhs themselves in 1956, issued about 21 years before peace with Israel.
As is the norm of religious controversy, the debate has not been resolved, and the doctrinal dispute over peace with Israel remains until today. It is your political doctrine that defines your doctrine of jurisprudence, and because Arabic-speaking societies are hard to learn, they repeat the same actions and mistakes as well.
The Sheikhs of the Emirates issued a statement yesterday saying that it may be permissible to hold peace treaty with Israel and they praised the wisdom of the heroic crown prince. But I liked that they didn’t mention in the fatwa if it is permissible or forbidden. Instead, they said it is one of the responsibilities of the governor. I wish all sheikhs do the same and assure politics is non of their business.