• 17:15
  • Friday ,21 August 2020

Archbishop of Fayoum ordains new monks


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Thursday ,20 August 2020

Archbishop of Fayoum ordains new monks

 His Eminence Bishop Abraam of Fayoum, headed today the ordination ceremony of two new monks in the Monastery of Archangel Gabriel in Mount El-Nakhloun in Fayoum and eight other monks for the monastery of St. Macarius of Alexandria in the wilderness of Al-Rayyan in Fayoum.

The ordination came after passing the prescribed period of monastic probation, and the new monks are: monk Ibsakhairoun al-Naqluni, monk Agathon al-Naqluni, monk Tobia of Saint Macarius, monk Theophilus of Saint Macarius, monk Ezekiel of Saint Macarius, monk Sila of Saint Macarius, Monk Paula of Saint Macarius, Monk Sharobim of Saint Macarius, Monk Damian of Saint Makarios, and Monk Bishoy of Saint Macarius.