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  • Friday ,28 August 2020


Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,29 August 2020


Emirates announced lately signing a peace agreement with Israel which considered a precedent agreement between an arab country and Israel. For a long time Arab countries refused to have a relationship with Israel because of the palestine issue. 

The question here is what has changed as long as Israel still occupying the palateninan territories? The answer is very simple, Iran is the key word or you can say that Iran is the main reason pushed Emirates to do such an agreement with Israel. 
With Iran trying to dominate and control many areas in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Emirates and Saudi Arabia consider Iran the main threat to them and the only way to push this enemy away is to be close to its enemy and the main enemy for Iran in the region is Israel. 
Having said that, this agreement might bring more tension in the region more than bringing peace as Kuwait announced its objection to this agreement which could cause damage in the relationship between Emirates and other Arab countries. 
In conclusion, Any peace agreement should be coming from a deep belief that peace is the only way to achieve progress between nations not coming to achieve balance in power in a certain moment in history.