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  • Tuesday ,15 September 2020

Building and destruction

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Tuesday ,15 September 2020

Building and destruction

 Satan is working hard to divide the Church. He doesn t always appear in his ugly form, but sometimes in good and encouraging image, by people who seek position and personal benefits using forms of hypocrisy. I say this with all bitterness that some people may disagree with me, but I couldn t hold my peace longer.

Concerning the current crisis between His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and Bishop Agathon whom I totally respect and honor.  for them. The Church is divided in two teams and some people are trading on the crisis to gain support of the church in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
It is clear that the journalist has violated professional rules and insulted the church and its leaders, but she will be acquitted after Pope Tawadros said the lawsuit filed by Bishop Aghathon doesn t represent the church and the leadership was not asked for permission to file the lawsuit.
I pray that God give our spiritual leaders all wisdom and declare my suppression and respect to them and hoping they can overcome the crisis and unite the church.