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  • Tuesday ,22 September 2020

Bicycles for girls too!

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Tuesday ,22 September 2020

Bicycles for girls too!

 Bicycles should be for everyone and not only for males. This was the slogan announced by Margaret Najeh, a student in the second year of the Faculty of Arts in Minya.

The campaign started by a questionnaire on the social networking sites, in which she asked girls if they want to ride bicycles, which totally contradicts with rules of Upper Egypt. Soon, the idea spread and girls started to go on a weekly ride.
Greetings to Margaret and to all girls who had courage to support the idea and their families who stood next to their daughters in practicing a respectable and useful sport, and perhaps it will become a safe means of transportation for them and for the people of Egypt, especially as the state is supporting the ride of bicycles as an initiative for everyone supported by the President and the Ministry of Sports.