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  • Friday ,25 September 2020

God as I know

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Friday ,25 September 2020

God as I know

 People see God from different views. For instance, the Orthodox see God through a handful of rituals that became over time devoid of the true spirit of worship, and see other perishing for not following the same rituals.

Evangelists see God in a handful of praises that exhaust the body and mind to reach a stage of ecstasy or unconsciousness during which they see God as magic want to work miracles.
Terrorists see God as bloody and voracious person who takes pleasure in human blood to give them tickets to the paradise full of carnal pleasure.
While atheists see God as an evil comic person who enjoys what is happening on the earth and enjoy seeking people suffering.
I believe all of this is not true about God as we reflect our own emotions and ideas on His image and assure to the others that such fake image is true about God.