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  • Friday ,02 October 2020

Egyptian are angry

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,03 October 2020

Egyptian are angry

There is no doubt that Egyptians are angry which was clear after the last demonstrations that erupted in many governorates. 

Egyptian dont see Sisi as a president who can listen or try to do anything to relieve their suffering. Everyyear Egyptians are hoping to have something that can make them happy or help them to adapt to the challenges they face everyday, however, Egyptians find that president Sisi keeps making decisions only adds to their suffering. 
Unfortunately, Sisi depends on himself only to make all decisions which is very danger and disappointing because there is no individual who can plan for Egypt and Egyptians alone. 
Sisi has no political party to support him or to try to study the decision he is willing to make before these decisions turn to be a disaster for Sisi and Egyptians. 
Sisi can not depend only on the army to run Egypt and he has to separate the army from himself, otherwise, the consequences will be harsh on both Egyptian and Sisi