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  • Tuesday ,06 October 2020

Mayar Sharif

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,06 October 2020

Mayar Sharif

Mayar Sherif is the first Egyptian tennis player to qualify for the main role in one of the four major tournaments in the world. Mayar played against the Czech Karolina Pliskova, ranked fourth in the world, while Mayar ranked 172nd in the world. However she was defeated by two groups for one, Mayar did her best and presented a very honorable performance that amazed the world.

Mayar made outstanding records as she became the first Egyptian player in the main role of the Grand Slam tournament, and became the first Egyptian player to be listed among the 200 best tennis players in the world.
Moreover, she became the first Egyptian tennis player to qualify for an Olympic tournament, where Mayar will participate in the Tokyo tournament next year. Before the start of the current Roland Garros tournament, Mayar was one of the very few players in the world who were chosen to receive financial rewards from The Development Fund for the Grand Slam tournaments.
It was great to hear David Hagerty, President of the International Tennis Federation, saying that this reward comes in respect of their talent, and to encourage them in the hope of their presence in the major tournaments. Thus, Mayar deserves the reward, attention and respect for her talent, strength, persistence and continuous progress in the international rankings of tennis players. Greetings to Mayar and to those who have supported her to made such achievement