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  • Wednesday ,14 October 2020

Religion Dealers Syndicate

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Wednesday ,14 October 2020

Religion Dealers Syndicate
Unfortunately, backwardness and religious extremism are among the most marketable goods in the Middle East. Extremism is found in social traditions and impoverished economic policies that crush the citizen without mercy.
Religion should have remained between man and God to lead only to more tolerance and love among people, but extremism was produced by terrorists and extremists as if they belong to a semi-union allowing them to seek selective material, social and political benefits through religion.
This is a good reason for them to easily move to bear arms and kill unarmed peaceful people and even wage wars in the name of God.
Extremists seek such authority in all religion that you may find a Christian minister fighting to take control of a spatula meeting or service. Ignorant people may thing that God permits his servants to take selective material benefits from his service. In fact, such control may lead honorable people to abandon ministry and let the extremists rule.
Attempting to benefit from religion is an ancient guaranteed practice by people belonging to what I call syndicate of religion dealers whom easily find many customers cheated by religious slogans