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  • Friday ,23 October 2020
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Messi as example

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,24 October 2020

Messi as example
When you hear the name messi you mean the most talented soccer player on earth, however, is it enough for his team to win a game? The answer is no because soccer is about the team not about a player. 
The same in any work or organization, no organization can succeed by having one talented person in the organization but all has to do his role in his position. 
Freedom and trust also are main keys for any organization to succeed and to go forward, you cant doubt people in the organization and expect they will like their jobs or will do as it should be. 
There are many factors to success in a work, a game or anything in life and the best thing to do is to work on improving your skills and not listening to people try to impact you negatively. 
In conclusion, work as a team to succeed because even single games like Tennis a player can not be successful if he didnt work with his coach and trainer to advance in the game.