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  • Friday ,06 November 2020

Biden is the president

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,07 November 2020

Biden is the president

This time the democrat candidate won the american election not by much in the popular vote but by much in the electoral vote. 

There is no donut and regardless if Trump will challenge this result now or not, we will see in the next coming days very interestings actions from both parties and how America will face this dilemma for the first time in its history between a winning president and a president refusing to concede. 
There is no doubt that the republic party did many mistakes and one of them was discouraging people to mail ballots especially that there are many seniors who were scared to go for voting with the spread of the Covid 19 everywhere. 
Also, American people punished Trump for not being able to lead the country to overcome this pandemic in the right way which results in a lot of deaths and sick people among american. 
Now, The republic party has to do two things if they want to gain the american support again, first is to watch what they did wrong and try to fix it in the future, second is to follow how Biden and the democrats will face big issues that America face now like covid 19 and the economic crises.