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  • Monday ,23 November 2020

Hypocrisy is continuous in Egypt

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,23 November 2020

Hypocrisy is continuous in Egypt

After the actor “Mohamed Ramadan” appeared in a photo with Isralie audience in Dubai all writers and who call themselves knowing everything started to criticize this step and claiming that Ramadan will lose a lot of his audience because of this step. 

Unfortunately, in Egypt people likes to bury their head in the sand like ostrich, Emirates and Bahrain already started normal relation with Israel and people still questioning someone taking picture with Isreali. 
Egyptian already ate the Israli cantaloupe and some known writers still insist on being hypocrites and blame someone for doing something in another country but they dont mind eating from the hand of Israli people.
 Egyptian and writers need to stop such double face behaviour and remember that if Trump got elected again as president Saudi Arabia would be the next one to establish a relationship with Israel.