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  • Friday ,27 November 2020

No moral in politics

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,28 November 2020

No moral in politics

The assassination of the Iranina nuclear Scientist “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh” proves that there is no moral in politics. Iran, lately suffers from big losses since American killed general “ Qasem Solimani”. 

Unfortunately, the world has a double standard when it comes to developing nuclear weapons, we see Pakistan and North Korea for example own nuclear weapons while Iran is always deprived of this right. 
Im not here to defend Iran or the Iranina regime, but to shed the light on the double standard we see when it comes to the right of owning the nuclear weapons. 
Who would be more dangerous in the world, North Koreas or Iran when it comes to nuclear weapons? I understand that having Israel in this region plays a big factor to prevent Iran from owning a nuclear weapon, however, without Israel being in this region, I dont think US will care so much if Iran owns this weapon. 
In conclusion, I believe Iranina regime needs to review its security policy and its strategy to protect their people which I believe its a right for each country, otherwise, will be a lot of casualties among their people.