• 08:24
  • Wednesday ,02 December 2020

Being famous at any price

by Abdel Moneim Badawy

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Wednesday ,02 December 2020

Being famous at any price

 She is a model that amuses her followers by publishing her photos on Facebook. She decided to have one of her photo sessions in the area of Saqqara, next to the pyramid of Djoser in Giza. She put on Pharaonic clothes and appeared so sexy.

Publishing her photos made huge reacts between supporters and opponents who decided to defend the sanctity of the historical archaeological areas! Senior officials opened investigation in the account and called to hold the responsible accountable!
I think that we exaggerated the matter and it doesn t deserve such noise. Yes, she is beautiful and sexy, but all women can be so if they find the key to their beauty. I remember here the prince of poets "Ahmed Shawky" who said all women pretty or even sexy, but this doesn t mean they should be punished for being so!