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  • Friday ,04 December 2020

Talaat Nabih

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Friday ,04 December 2020

Talaat Nabih

 he lost his two hands in middle school, when a land mine exploded in him from the remnants of the World War, more than 40 years ago. Yet, the artist Talaat Nabih was able to write his name in history of art after he was able to prove his talent as great artist who paints with his mouth.

Six months after the incident, Talaat , who is now 51 years old, decided to hold a pen with his teeth and mouth, entered the preparatory and general secondary examinations and the Faculty of Social Service, and excelled in drawing paintings with his teeth, and participated in many competitions, the first of which was a competition in the Youth and Sports Directorate, where he painted a painting about Jerusalem, and won the first place.
Soon, he learned to write and draw with his elbow, and excelled in several Arabic hand writing including the Kufic and Diwani script, and was appointed at the Social Solidarity Directorate in Beni Suef to be an employee who writes official documents with his teeth!
Greetings to Talat, his family, to everyone who supported him to overcome his obstacles and achieve success.