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  • Tuesday ,08 December 2020

Responsible reading of the enlightening speech

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Tuesday ,08 December 2020

Responsible reading of the enlightening speech

 The thought of enlightenment was considered to counter the rigidity of the fundamentalist vision and this hostile trend for human peace, equality, coexistence and national unity. Defendants of enlightenment in the Arab countries adopted the Western methods and called for complete equality, relativism and pluralism in visions, perceptions and beliefs. Accordingly, the Arab Enlightenment people relied on the concepts of the West and its political and social systems based on equality, openness to others, and the aspiration for national unity and nationalism, and contributed to spreading it on secular foundations.

For example, Al-Tahtawi wrote in his book about Paris that its people are predominantly cheerful in the faces of strangers, and treat them well, even if they belong to different religion. They accept such difference and never mind building houses of worship for other religions.
Concerning enlightenment, the "Sunday Schools" Coptic magazine received an important and wonderful message from the Dean of Arabic Literature, Dr. Taha Hussein, calling on the religious establishment to correct and reform some matters, so the magazine publishes it comfortably. In his message, he called to give greater concern to the preparation of Coptic clergy and calls for equality among Muslims and Christians in both rights and duties.